How to Repair Farm Fences in Falls Church, VA?

Being a farm owner is a full-time job. There are so many things you need to do as a farm owner. For example, feeding and watering all your farm animals, mending shelters, and taking care of other routine household tasks. However, do not forget about that fence repair job you have been procrastinating for some time. 

As a farm owner, you certainly don’t want the trouble of mustering your herd of the neighbor’s property or off the highway. This is why we insist that you carry out your wire fence repair at the earliest once you have first spotted damages in it. Keep in mind that damaged wire fences, if not repaired soon, can hurt your animals. Not only that but running away animals can also cause damage to your neighbor’s property. Now, this is something you certainly don’t want to happen. The only way you could prevent such incidents is by making sure your fence is kept in good working condition so that your animals can live in a safe and secure fenced-in area.

There are so many ways in which farm fences in Falls Church, VA, can get damaged. For example, broken twigs from overhead trees are one of the primary causes of damaging and splitting your fence. To prevent such fence splits, make sure you clear away branches and debris that have been accumulated on your fence.

Also, keep in mind that livestock can be hard on wire fences. With a little effort, they can make that small hole in your fence a lot bigger before you know it. This is another reason why we insist you should take care of fence damages as soon as possible. 

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and like to do your wire fence repair on your own, here is a list of necessary tools you will need to get started. Wire cutters or tin snips

  • Solid fence stretcher
  • A big screwdriver
  • Tin snips or wire cutters 
  • Quality pliers and bolt cutters
  • Gloves for safety

If you do not have them, visit a local farm supply store or home improvement store and purchase them before you begin. You may also need wire and fence staples. If you do not have them lying around, make sure you are buying them too. 

Another tool you require for repairing farm fences in Falls Church, VA, is the fence tool. It is a hammer/plier combination, and most probably, you may not have it in your toolbox. It helps remove staples and old nails from the fence and twist the wire in tight areas of the fence.

In case you are not up to attempting the wire fence repairs by yourself, call the expert team from Carter Fence. We would be happy to provide you a free consultation regarding your fence repair. 

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