Why Repairing Farm Fences in Great Falls, VA is Important

Being the owner of a farm in Great Falls, VA, is certainly a full-time job. While almost every day you are busy with feeding farm animals, mending shelters, and managing household tasks, fixing a damaged wire fence can be low on the to-do list. But remember, farm fence maintenance is one of the ideal ways to make the most of your fence. Regular checks are all that is needed to keep them in shape!

Now let’s come to why you need to repair farm fences in Great Falls, VA, the moment you find them damaged. One of the primary reasons is that your animals might get hurt. Others include problems resulting from weather conditions, such as extreme rainfall, snowstorm, winds, and salt air can cause further damage to the fence. Repaired fences give you peace of mind, and you can be assured that your livestock are well secured, and your neighbors won’t be complaining to you about damages to their property.

Broken branches from trees overhead can contribute to a significant amount of damage to wire farm fences. Some fence splits can be tackled by just clearing away branches or debris that could fall on the farm fence. Fixing a stretch of broken barbed wire fence need not necessarily be painful. It can also be quick! In this post, we will tell you how an expert fencer can go about fence repairing.

How do you fix a damaged wire fence?

If you have wire farm fence, you will know that it is quite sturdy. However, unforeseen challenges, for instance, animals running away, can have your fences damaged. While major damages mostly need a professional touch, farm owners like you can do a temporary, fast repair yourselves. This is especially true if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast. 

Before you make the repairs, you will require tools and materials, including fencing sleeves, heavy-duty pliers, a crimping tool, gripple sleeves, as well as a fence stretcher. It is wise to have your heavy-duty work gloves on. Keep in mind that if you do not have these fence repair tools at hand, you will need to buy them from your local Great Falls, VA farm supply, or home improvement store.

If you still do not feel confident about doing wire fence repair by yourself or find it tedious, time-consuming and complicated, get in touch with us. At Carter Fence, we undertake the repair of your farm fences in Great Falls, VA. We offer a wide range of fencing installation and repair services. All you need to do is schedule a call today, and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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