Importance of Gate Hinge Repair in Mclean, VA

Hinges play an essential role in the smooth movement, i.e., opening and closing of gates. Hinges can vary depending upon the types of gates you use. The main function of a gate hinge is to attach the gates firmly to the gate frame, in a secure manner. Some of the main features of a high-quality gate hinge, which makes them ideal for use in different industries, are listed below.

  • Good quality gate hinges are made from heavy-duty material and are strengthened with glass fiber to provide maximum security.
  • Superior gate hinges are UV treated to increase their overall strength and to make them extra sturdy.
  • Another striking feature of a good quality gate hinge is that it is rust-free and does not require frequent lubrication.
  • High-quality gate hinges require very little maintenance, saving you a lot of money.
  • Most gate hinges can be used for both left and right-hand door installations and are manufactured in custom widths.
  • High-quality gate hinges have excellent weight-bearing capacities and are suitable for use in massive industrial gates.
  • It is possible to mount gate hinges by welding them or drilling holes.

What Are the Things to Remember While Installing Gate Hinges?

Proper installation of the gate hinges is crucial if you want them to function flawlessly for an extended period. If not installed properly, you may need professional gate hinge repair in Mclean, VA, sooner or later. If you want to avoid unnecessary gate hinge repairs, you have to make sure they are installed correctly. Here are some useful tips for the proper installation of a gate hinge 

  • It is always better to attach more than two hinges to a gate so that they firmly hold on to the gate and provided added security.
  • Consider attaching a small metal plate to the bottom of the gate for providing extra load-bearing.  
  • Install gravity gate latches for additional support.

Why Choose Carter Fence for Gate Hinge Repair in Mclean, VA?

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