Useful Tips for Gate Hinge Repair in Reston, VA.

Continuous closing and opening, exposure to harsh weather, and years of use all contribute to gates that sag or drag on the ground. Even under regular stress, gates can cause problems, refuse to latch correctly or become loose. Fixing such issues depends on the type of problem and the material with which the gate is built. Here are some tips to help you carry out gate repair in Reston, VA.

Gate Post Inspection

The first thing to check is the gate post. If the gate post wiggles despite being structurally sound i.e., you see no rust or rot at the bottom side, you may need to replace the concrete base of the gate post. For this, remove the gate from the post first. After that, dig around the concrete base and remove the old concrete and re-concrete the posts firmly again and leave them overnight. Now reattach the gate to the post. Keep in mind that if the post is rusted or rotted at the base, you will need to replace them with a new, sturdy post. 

Fixing Gate Latches

Always keep your gate latches lubricated so that they are secured firmly to the gate and latch post. If the gate or latch post has shifted from the normal position, move the latch up or down. In the case of wooden gates, you can also try moving the latch side to side. Make sure to seal any screw holes that are present with an epoxy wood filler before you drill new holes into them. If the latch is completely worn out, the best solution is to replace it altogether.

Gate Hinge Repair

Sometimes simply adjusting the gate hinges is all you need to complete the gate repair work. Simply tightening all bolts and screws may solve the problem. If the old bolts or screws are not functioning correctly, replace them. While doing gate hinge repair in Reston, VA, make sure you use bolts or screws that exactly match the old ones. You can take the old screws and bolts with you to the hardware store to make sure they are a precise match. Also, use spray lubricants on your gate hinges several times a year, depending on how severely they are used.

Adjusting Turnbuckle

Sometimes, your gate can sag because it doesn’t have diagonal cross bracing. In such cases, installing a turnbuckle will solve the problem. This solution works well only for chain-link fence gates as most wooden gates come with diagonal bracing. All you have to do is to attach the turnbuckle to the top corner to the lower corner across the gate diagonally. Now, tighten the turnbuckle as required to remove the sag.

If you would prefer a professional to do the gate hinge repair in Reston, VA, give us a call, and we will be happy to help you.

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