Why Gate Hinge Repair in Tysons Corner, VA, is essential?

Unfortunately, gate hinges fail often due to the high stress put on them and the massive nature of the gate they support. To ensure the seamless operation of your gate, you should make sure that its hinges are kept lubricated and perfectly aligned. Keep in mind that even the mightiest of gates might fail to operate correctly after a while as they are regularly exposed to different accidents and harsh weather. Gates can also fail due to old age. Most of the gate owners let these damages to happen to their gates, thinking that repairing these gates may be expensive. However, this is not completely true. 

Most of the time, your gate might malfunction or sag due to simple reasons such as a faulty hinge. Remember, such simple gate hinge repair in Tysons Corner, VA, is not at all expensive. On the other hand, if you perform these small repairs promptly, your gate’s overall lifetime can also improve. Dealing with minor gate repairs as soon as they occur prevents them from developing into major expensive issues. This approach can save you a lot of money in the long run. On the other hand, if you neglect small repairs, you might need to replace the gate altogether soon, which is a costly affair.

Types of Gate Hinges

There are two types of hinges commonly used for the exterior gate, namely, strap hinges and butt hinges. Strap hinges typically have two parts, namely the strap and pintle. While ordering a strap hinge, make sure you buy both the strap and the pintle. The strap is affixed to the gate, and the pintle connects the strap to the gate post. According to the size of your gate, the size of your strap hinges will also vary. Butt hinges are the most affordable hinges and are available in pairs or sets of three. Butt hinges usually measure 4 by 4 inches. Here also, remember that more substantial or massive gates will require a larger hinge.

Why Choose Carter Fence?

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