Home Wooden Fence Repair for Mother Nature’s Damage in Leesburg, VA

Wind, rain, sun, and snow subject wooden fences in Leesburg, VA to a tremendous pounding. Wooden fences are vulnerable to mother nature’s punishments, especially rotting. Being exposed 24/7, every day, year after year, your wooden fence at your home in Leesburg, VA will, no doubt, require a home wooden fence repair every couple of years.

Pressure-treated lumber is saturated with preservatives and should last for many decades, even when buried in the ground. Properly installing them in the ground is the key to preventing your post from rotting. Cedar and redwood fences stand up well underground but are more costly.

Home wooden fence repairs in Leesburg, VA may be for various components of your fence including the vertical posts, the rails that run horizontally from one post to the next, and fence boards or pickets and fence gates. Rot is the greatest enemy of wood fences. Bottom rails suffer when vegetation grows up and around them, which traps in water. Posts that are not treated or set in concrete usually will rot away at the ground level.

Carefully inspect your fence periodically at your Leesburg, VA home. Pay attention particularly to these areas and don’t put off any home wooden fence repairs; otherwise, the damage can spread, and you will face more extensive damage. One weak post can tear down an entire fence.

Most homeowners in Leesburg, VA who are do-it-yourselfers can typically handle most home wooden fence repairs but if you aren’t up to doing it yourself or don’t have the extra time, call the team at Carter Fence. They offer free estimates and on-site consultations in Leesburg, VA. They will walk your fence line and inform you of any needed home wooden fence repairs and then give you an estimate on the damages and the cost for the repairs.

Hiring the team at Carter Fence will guarantee your home wooden fence repairs are fixed correctly and will last for years to come. Whatever type of fence you have on your property in Leesburg, VA such as picket, privacy, wooden, vinyl, chain link, aluminum or split rail fences, they can fix the problem.

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