How to Prevent Costly Wood Fence Repair in Reston, VA

If you have incurred extensive wood fence repairs at your property in Reston, VA you have probably figured out by now as the saying goes, “an ounce worth of preventions is worth a pound cure.” Trying to stop major wood fence repair bills at your Reston, VA home is as simple as doing the necessary maintenance to preserve your fence and prevent major damages.

Annual inspection of your Reston, VA property’s fence posts and support rails should be done in the spring. A fence post that has been damaged by water or insect rot can ruin a whole section of fence. Winter winds and snow and ice accumulations throughout the winter months can cause your fence to collapse and will require wood fence repairs at your home in Reston, VA.

During your annual inspection, you should check for signs of termite damage such as sawdust or holes. A wood fence repair to rid termite infestation would consist of periodically brushing or spraying on a borate-based wood preservative before you do any staining or painting to your fence in Reston, VA. This is a termite repellent that either comes in a power that you mix with water or premixed ready to apply directly to your fence. Filling the post holes with this solution before setting the posts will give you added protection to prevent termites from damaging your fence.

Pressure treated lumber and fence posts can help ward off premature wood fence repairs. Cedar can also provide resistance to water and insect damage. Properly installing fence posts during the initial fence installation can be a great prevention of costly wood fence repairs. Fence posts should either be set in concrete or tamped soil and in such a way that water will drain away from the posts. Standing water pooling around fence posts will cause premature rotting and breakage.

If you find that you don’t have time to properly maintain your fence, call the experts at Carter Fence. They have the experience to deal with all kinds of wood fence repairs. If your fence is in such terrible condition on your Reston, VA property, they will be more than happy to give you an estimate on what it would cost to replace your existing fence.

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