Options for Your Rustic Fence in Northern Virginia

If you are considering a rustic fence for your Northern Virginia home, you have some options when using logs. These options include: a post and rail fence, a log fence with vertical pickets, a snake rail fence (also called a stacked rail or zigzag fence), and a wattle fence.

Post and Rail Fence
The most common type of log fence, post and rail fences have a series of horizontal rails nailed between vertical posts. The logs are at least 4 inches around and 6 feet long, with each post anchored 2 feet into the ground. If you intend for your fence to be decorative, it should have two horizontal rails. However, if you have animals that you want to keep inside the fence, then you’ll want to have 3 or four rails.

Vertical Pickets
A log fence with vertical pickets might be used in place of a traditional fence. Two horizontal rails are installed between vertical posts, and a wider space is left between the horizontal rails. The vertical pickets can be smaller – 1 to 2 inches around. Some homeowners choose to leave the bark on the logs to give additional texture to the fence.

Snake Rail Fence
Snake rail fences (AKA stacked rail or zigzag fences) do not have vertical posts, however, they do require many more logs of roughly equal size. The logs – usually split in half lengthwise – are installed in a V-formation directly on the ground, repeating the pattern along the length of the fence. The fence is built up by laying additional logs directly over the first row of logs, with the ends overlapping.

Wattle Fence
A wattle fence is built from logs and smaller sapling wood, suckers and branches from the trees. The logs are used for vertical posts, installed every 4 feet. The branches used to weave in between the posts must be green and flexible. While the branches can be woven tightly, nails can also be used to secure the branches to the post.

If you are interested in a rustic fence and live in Northern Virginia, please contact the experts at Carter Fence. Since 1986, Carter Fence has been installing and servicing fences in the entire Northern Virginia area — from tall wood privacy fences to decorative picket fences — and everything in between. Our expert team uses quality materials and advanced installation and design techniques to ensure you get the best fence for your needs.

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