What Factors Play Into Fence Cost in Fairfax, VA?

Just like any other project, several things play into the actual fence cost for homeowners or businesses in the Fairfax, VA area. Your typical idea of a fence may be one made of pressure-treated pine or cedar and either a privacy or picket fence. Some fence contractors use ready-built panel fences, while others build a fence from scratch, on-site at your property in Fairfax, VA. All of these factors play a significant part in determining a fence cost.

Type of Fencing Materials

  • Wood fences can be constructed of many different types of lumber. A traditional choice would be pressure treated pine or cedar. Cedar is popular because of its resistance to rot and insects, plus its striking reddish tone speaks volumes and attributes to its beauty. Pressure-treated lumber offers a durable wood, and it’s easier on the wallet making this fence cost much more affordable to Fairfax, VA homeowners and businesses.

  • Vinyl fences come in an array of attractive colors that will blend in with any home’s landscaping in Fairfax, VA. If you totally like the look of wood, no problem. Vinyl fences can even replicate the look of wood. The great thing about vinyl fencing, the fence cost stops once you have it installed. However, with a wood fence, it takes frequent maintenance to keep it looking like new, and all of that costs money year after year.

Because of the long-term fence cost of wood fences in Fairfax, VA vinyl fences have become one of the most popular choices for both homeowners and businesses. With less maintenance, it frees up so much time, and it goes easier on the wallet in the long run.


  • Naturally the more gates you install in your fence, the higher the fence cost will be. Adding gates requires more materials and additional labor. The size of the gate and its complexity will determine extra fence costs.

Fence Size

  • Typically a fence company will charge by the linear foot for fence installations. The fence costs would include labor, building materials, concrete for posts and lumber. The labor cost for the installation will depend on the type of soil, how many obstacles are in the way, does brush need to be cleared out, and whether or not the terrain is level, hilly or slopes. Some fence companies in Fairfax, VA may not provide any clearing of your property where the fence line will go.

The team at Carter Fence will be glad to come out to your property in Fairfax, VA and give you a complete estimate of all labor and materials and inform you of anything else that may need to be done to build you a new fence.

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