Why Composite Decks in Northern, VA Are a Great Selection

If you are thinking about adding a new deck to your home in Northern, VA you will want to consider all the selections that are available to homeowners. There are several decking material products on the market today that can create your dream deck in Northern, VA; one of which is composite decking material. Composite decks are extremely popular because they last longer than your typical wooden decks.

You might be asking what a composite deck is made of and why does it last much longer? Composite decks for homes in Northern, VA are made from wood and plastic. The wooden particles can come from sawdust, wood fiber pieces or wood chips and the plastic components could either be virgin or recycled plastic material.

Composite decks are more economically friendly because of the recycled or recovered materials used in the manufacturing process. Choosing a trusted manufacturer such as Trex is the best selection homeowners in Northern, VA can make for their new composite decks.

Trex composite decks offer the look and beauty of wood but without all the hassles that come with wood decks. Composite decks come in a variety of fade-resistant colors that will compliment any home in Northern, VA. These decks are termite proof and won’t split, splinter, crack, or rot.

Composite decks perform better than traditional wood decks so your end result will lower your costs for maintenance. A simple soap and water cleaning is all that is required to help maintain the beauty of composite decks for homes in Northern, VA. A pressure washer can also be used.

During the winter months when snow falls, use a plastic shovel to remove snow from composite decks; never use a metal shovel because it might chip the surface of the deck and void its warranty. Rock salt can also be used to melt ice and snow but be sure to rinse off the salt once the weather permits.

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