Why Homeowners Are Leaning Towards Vinyl Fences in Arlington, VA

Homeowners are leaning more towards vinyl fences to enclose properties in Arlington, VA. Vinyl fences have many different advantages over chain–link, wood, and iron. It’s durable, attractive, and affordable. The reasons homeowners are selecting vinyl fences include—

  • Durable—Vinyl fences are made with ten parts per 100 of titanium dioxide, an effective UV inhibitor that offers protection against ultraviolet rays. Homeowners in Arlington, VA never have to worry about their vinyl fencing yellowing. It is also five times stronger than wood fencing. It also works well in areas like Arlington, VA when storms, heavy winds, or other rough weather strikes.
  • Low Maintenance—One of the great features of vinyl fences for homeowners in Arlington, VA is the low maintenance. It is easy to clean, just a little soap and water, and if you have any mildew, just use a little bleach. You don’t need any chemicals to deter termites or other pests, and it never needs painting.
  • No Rust or Rot—Vinyl fences do not rust like wrought iron or chain–link posts. The posts won’t rot and break off the way wood does.
  • Attractive—Arlington, VA homeowners like the many different styles that vinyl fencing comes in, especially because it can be made to mimic the look of wood or look like a white picket fence.
  • Privacy—With the options of 6 to 8 foot high panels and spacing between the slats, vinyl panel fences are great for the privacy they offer. They are also great for enclosing dumpster areas.
  • Recyclable—Because vinyl is recyclable, you never have to send any construction scraps to a landfill. If you ever need to replace a vinyl fence, it can be completely recycled.
  • Easy Installation—Vinyl fences are much like wood fences when it comes to the installation process, fairly easy.

With the many advantages of vinyl fencing, you can see why many homeowners in Arlington, VA are leaning toward vinyl fences to satisfy their fencing needs. If you are in the market for a new fence, call the experts at Carter Fence, and they can help you choose the best fencing materials for your specific needs at your home in Arlington, VA.

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