Easy Fence Post Repair at your Home in Falls Church, VA

A Falls Church, VA homeowner should first look at the state of their fence post. If the fence posts pull easily out of the ground and the wood crumbles in your hands or your posts have rot or termite damage to over 30 percent of the post, you should replace the entire post.

On the other hand, if your wood fence post on your property in Falls Church, VA has broken recently and has not started to rot or the rot is not severe, you might be able to save it with an easy fence post repair by using a fence post mender such as Fence Daddy which can save you time and money. Fence Daddy, a fence post support system, mends and strengthens your wood fence posts with just a little time and effort. You do not need a post hole digger for this fence post repair, nor do you need to remove the broken post or concrete. This system can fix the wood posts while in the ground at your home in Falls Church, VA.

This fence post repair requires hammering the fence post mender into the area where the cement and the wood post meet using a sledgehammer. It will anchor itself into the cement. The fence post is supported by a steel reinforcement once it is drilled into the fence post. The fence mender has anti back–out teeth that prevent it from becoming dislodged inside the cement.

Homeowners in Falls Church, VA, who use this fence post repair method are saving time and money with great results. The fence mender comes as a kit. The hardware is included along with the anti–rust hot dipped galvanized fence menders and instructions. The only tools needed by Falls Church, VA homeowners for this fence post repair include—

  • Protective eye and handwear for safety
  • Either a screwdriver or impact driver to screw the post mender into the broken post
  • Sledgehammer to hammer the fence mender into the concrete
  • A level to make sure the post is level before screwing in the screws

Another alternative for fence post repair would be to call your local Falls Church, VA fencing company, Carter Fence, and let them come to your home, give you an estimate on fixing these fencing issues and leave the repairs to the professionals.






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