Alternating Board Fence In Purceillville, VA

Alternating Board Fence In Purceillville, VA

Did the alternating board fence somewhere on your Purceillville, VA property recently take damage from a storm?  Or perhaps it’s the case that the former owners of the place you call home today didn’t properly maintain the fence and it could use a little TLC?  Whatever the case, if you’re a committed do it yourselfer, odds are good that you can handle the repair job yourself.

Unfortunately, there are two caveats to that, however.  The first is, no matter how much time you’ve budgeted for the task, it’s probably going to take longer.  That just always seems to happen where repairs are concerned, so if you’re planning on devoting your whole weekend to the task, it may take two.  Or more.

Second, and this is especially true if you’re planning to do the work by yourself, it’s backbreaker.  You can expect to spend some quality time with your heating pad by the time you’re finished.

Both of those taken together explain why so many people would just as soon outsource the repair, and we can’t say we blame them.  You’ve probably got a million things you’d rather be doing with your weekend, and as the region’s top-rated fencing and deck company, we can help with that.  Nobody in this part of the country can match the quality of our work or the experience of our crews.

From a practical perspective, if you do decide to go it alone, there’s really not much difference between repairing the alternating board fence on your Purceillville, VA property and a conventional privacy fence.  The boards are on both sides of the fence, and depending on which ones and how many need to be replaced, you’ll probably spend a bit more time toting materials and supplies from one side of the fence to the other, but the repairs itself are pretty standard.

Don’t have a privacy fence yet?  We do new installations too, and if you’ve been considering a standard privacy fence, here’s the reason we think you’ll be happier with an alternating board fence on your Purceillville, VA property:  It looks better from the inside.

Sure, a conventional privacy fence looks nice from the road, but when you’re entertaining family and friends, you’re not on the road, you’re inside the fence, and unfortunately, the view from inside the fence isn’t nearly as impressive as it is when you’re on the outside.

A shadowbox, or alternating board fence solves this problem.  By placing the boards on both sides, it creates a cool dimensionality and it simultaneously ensures that the look of the fence is the same, no matter what side you’re on.

Keep it in mind, and whatever you decide, when if you need a hand with the repair, or if you want your new fence installed by a trusted expert, give our office a call.

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