Choose Alternating Board Fence for the Lasting Security in Your Broadlands, VA Home

Choose Alternating Board Fence for the Lasting Security in Your Broadlands, VA Home

Are you thinking about adding some privacy to your home by adjusting your fence? It’s essential to know that alternating board fence in your Broadlands, VA home can help fulfill the added privacy you desire. This type of fence is ideal for enclosing your property entirely. It’s excellent in keeping strangers or animals straying around off your yard.

Furthermore, your alternating board fence in your Broadlands, VA, can make your home appear calmer. Different from other types of privacy wood fences, the alternating board type allows sufficient airflow.

Usually, the posts are fastened deep into the ground, and the cross pieces are fixed firmly to the posts. The fence boards are then connected to the alternate sides of the cross pieces. This creates some space between fence slats, facilitating airflow while maintaining the privacy you may need.

The fence’s standard measurements are between six to eight feet tall. This height can keep strangers and animals from prying into your home space. However, if you want your privacy fence a bit higher, you can engage the Carter Fence professionals and share with them your preferences.

One way you can benefit from this fence type is that; your fence can serve you for many years ahead. With proper maintenance, a privacy fence can look the same as during installation, even after several years. Remarkably, they are hard-wearing because of the alternating feature. The alternation brings about an even weight distribution between the rails so that you don’t have to experience a sagging fence.

The Western Red Cedar used to make the alternating fence design helps prevent rotting, extending the fence’s life. They also aid the fence to withstand various weather elements. The style offers depth to the design and gives the same fence appearance from the outer and inner sides.

Each fence post can be topped up by:

  • A trellis- a light wooden framework, or metal bar framework
  • Some fence post caps
  • Other decorative tops

So, any gate connected to the fence, together with these post additions, can give your fence a unique appearance.

Let Professionals Install an Alternating Board Fence in Your Broadlands, VA Home

At Carter Fence, our skillful team applies only modern installation techniques to ensure that you get the best fence that satisfies your needs.

Whether you want a newly installed fence or want to renovate your existing one, we are here to solve your fencing needs.

We have skillfully installed fences in the Northern Virginia regions to our client’s ultimate satisfaction for over three decades. That’s why we are highly esteemed by our clients and the community we serve.

We always purpose to give you a fence that can serve your home perfectly for the years ahead. Fill in your details through our website, and we will get back to you with the information you need.

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