Choose the Best Privacy Fence for Your Home in Ashburn, VA

Choose the Best Privacy Fence for Your Home in Ashburn, VA

Adding a privacy fence in your Ashburn, VA home is fundamental. Usually, most homeowners enjoy the quiet and private moments in their residences. At Carter Fence, we know that the choice of privacy fences is critical for any homeowner. 

When you make an appointment with the Carter Fence experts, we ensure that you receive proper advice to choose the type of privacy fencing that can last you a long time in your home. 

Let the experts help you save big on your fence installation project in Northern Virginia. Apart from offering free estimates and on-site project consultations, we can add value to your property and help you save on costs.

There’s a wide selection of privacy fences that you can choose from to add value to your property. At Carter Fence, you can never miss an appealing privacy fence of choice. 

Such varieties include:

  • Horizontal Wood Fences

This is a modern privacy fence style. This type gives you the option of customizing the fence to give your yard a fashionable look while maintaining all the privacy you may need. Usually, these fences match well with the modern homes or homes that may need to be upgraded to enhance their overall look. 

You can go ahead to customize your horizontal wooden fence with all kinds of options you may desire, such as shadow board boxes, solid board fences, alternating board fences, steel posts, and lattice tops.

  • Vertical Wood Fences

Most people may be familiar with the cedar wood fences. They are the common types of privacy fences. The vertical fencing style covers gaps in between the planks to ensure the most incredible cover-up. 

Other additional benefits of cedarwood include weather resistance and UV tolerance. Privacy fences made of this wood type can last for many years despite the external conditions they may face.

  • Vinyl Fences

If you want a durable privacy fence option in your Ashburn, VA home that won’t need much upkeep, then vinyl fencing is for you. It’s well-known for its resilience and low-maintenance features, hence a great privacy fence alternative. They come in white and almond colors, and they do not need repainting over many years ahead.

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted a curb appeal for your property. At Carter Fence, we can use a privacy fence design to customize your fencing features to meet your needs.

We value our clients. That’s why we desire to meet your ultimate fencing needs and desires satisfactorily.

For over 33 years now, we have installed and serviced fences for thousands of clients within the Northern Virginia area. 

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