Discover the Value of Solid Board Fence in Ashburn, VA

Discover the Value of Solid Board Fence in Ashburn, VA

Just like it is with most wood fencing, solid board wood fence in your Ashburn, VA home can provide privacy, beauty, and security to enhance the value of your property. The treated Western Red Cedar fence used in this type of fence is sturdy and durable. It also helps to prevent rotting, hence prolong the fence’s life. It offers you the classic beauty and wood character that you can always value. 

For decades now, solid board fence style has been a popular choice for many homeowners. Its simple design fits itself well to the landscape that may be steep. It also offers excellent security and privacy while also blending well into your landscape.

When you engage the Carter Fence experts, we can build every solid board fence on your site to accurately fit the terrain. We use excellent boards in constructing all wooden fences.

You Can Match Your Solid Board Fence Design in Ashburn, VA with Surrounding Landscape

Sometimes, your fence design choice is driven entirely by the needed function. It implies deciding if the fence installation primarily offers privacy screening and security or serves a typically decorative function. However, there is always a connection between outline and function. The specific style of a privacy fence, such as the solid board fence, can be selected based on the landscape’s aesthetic appeal.

When installing a solid board fence on your property, we are always sensitive to the fence’s impact on the surrounding landscape. We know that almost all fences can have some effect on plants growing in the surrounding area. A solid board fence should not only provide shelter from the wind and storm; instead, it should also cast some shade that will enable certain shade plants to flourish. 

Carter Fence professionals offer the most wide-ranging fence installation and repair services in the Northern Virginia area. We provide numerous options for your ultimate choice.

Allow the experts to help you save big on your fence installation project in Northern Virginia. Apart from offering free estimates and on-site project consultations, we can add value to your property and help you save on costs.

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted a curb appeal for your property. At Carter Fence, we can use a solid board fence in Ashburn, VA, to customize features to meet your needs and attract visual appeal.

Since 1986, we continue to install and service fences in the Northern Virginia area. Right from decorative picket fences to tall wood privacy fences and everything in between, we can always have the solution you want for your fencing needs. 

Our team of experts uses quality materials and highly developed installation and design techniques to ensure you get the best fence to your ultimate satisfaction.

For more information, talk to us, and we will walk you through your fence needs. Take the first step of contacting us through our website.

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