Dumfries VA Privacy Fence

In Dumfries, VA, a privacy fence protects a family from strangers’ eyes, wind and noise. In the short term, a well-protected yard gets more use too. In the long term, it raises the value of the property and makes it easier when it comes time to sell it.

A privacy fence is at least five feet high. The pros at Carter Fence can actually build one seven feet high. The purpose of these fences is to obscure the view of a person’s property, giving them seclusion.

Add Value

A yard with a fence has greater curb appeal to homebuyers. They like the fact that the yard’s boundaries are clearly defined. They won’t have to go to the expense and trouble of building a fence themselves to keep children and pets in the yard.

In Dumfries, VA, a privacy fence makes a yard feel safer and more personal. People appreciate the fact that they can relax without prying eyes looking in. Buyers want a home where strangers are kept outside and can’t wander in at will.

The right privacy fence in Dumfries, VA, adds a decorative touch to the yard. It can highlight landscaping and complement the look of the home’s architecture. All of this increases a property’s value in the eyes of buyers.

Protect Family

Children and pets naturally tend to wander off property unless there is a privacy fence in Dumfries, VA, to keep the in place. When a fence is up, parents can send the children out to play in the yard knowing they are safe.

A fence also keeps out noise. Loud neighbors and heavy traffic make it hard to enjoy sitting outside. But a high privacy fence, with materials that are placed close together, help to block out sound.

A fence can also act as a windbreak. This protects the people and pets in the yard, but also the trees, shrubs and plants. These fences can be built in such a way that air can still circulate and light is able to filter through.

Work with Professionals

The crew at Carter Fence has expertise with all types and styles. They have been designing and building them since 1986. This family owned company takes pride in fences constructed with expert craftsmanship and superior materials. They have a reputation for excellent customer service, meeting deadlines and working with a variety of budgets.

Carter handles many types of outdoor projects, including:
• Privacy fences
• Vinyl fences
• Split rail fences
• Chain link fences
• Aluminum fences
• Wood fences
• Picket fences
• Pasture and estate fences
• Gates
• Awning installation
• Deck installation
• Deck resurfacing

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