Maintaining Your Solid Board Fence in Falls Church, VA

Maintaining Your Solid Board Fence in Falls Church, VA

A solid wood fence in Falls Church, VA, will give you a way to increase the value of your property. You get an elegant, classic look that you will not achieve with other types of fences. It gives excellent value for money as long as you maintain it well. The natural material can degrade if you expose it to the elements. The sun, wind, and rain can cause it to deteriorate or discolor. 

  • What you Need to do

It is critical that you carry out an inspection and cleaning annually. You can use a brush or a pressure washer, but you have to do it carefully. Hiring the services of a professional can save you a lot of time and money. They understand the right material, and have the relevant tools to do it well. They will clean it, seal it and stain it so that you avoid warping, rotting, or loss of color due to the UV rays. You will enjoy long usage of the fence for up to 20 plus years.  

  • How do you do it?

Cleaning the fence requires that you wash it with special cleaners, which are specific to wood. They have chemicals that will rid it of mildew or mold. Take care not to damage the fence by doing the following:-

  • Do not exceed 2700-psi when using a pressure washer. 
  • Maintain a distance of 2-3 feet when cleaning. 
  • Do not dwell on one spot, cover all the surfaces, so that you get rid of all the dirt
  • Use plenty of water to give it a thorough rinse
  • Allow it to dry properly before you apply any sealant or stainer. 
  • The product you use should also give you protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. You should get sufficient waterproofing so that moisture does not get into the wood. 
  • Choosing the right sealant is critical so that you avoid splitting and cracking. The experts will be able to recommend the best products to use.
  • Keep plants away from your solid board fence in Falls Church, VA. They can add unnecessary weight to the fence, which may cause it to fall. The moisture from the plants can also cause the wood to rot or grow mildew. 
  • Keep inspecting the fence so that you see any signs of damage or rotting
  • Take due care to rid the fence of any pests that will cause further damage. 

We Can Install Your Solid Board Fence in Falls Church, VA

If you are in need of a company to install your solid board fence, you are in the right place. We understand what goes into installation and maintenance. Our team is at hand, ready to answer any questions you may have. We will design your fence, depending on your needs and budget.

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