How to Take Care of Your Solid Board Fence in Vienna, VA

How to Take Care of Your Solid Board Fence in Vienna, VA

A solid board fence in Vienna, VA, has many benefits. It provides protection, increases the value of the property, and adds to its aesthetic appeal. You keep out unwanted visitors, and keep in the pets and children. However, over time the wood will succumb to the adverse effects of the elements. You can expect disintegration or rot, requiring replacement. You can slow down the process by taking good care of your solid board fence. Here is how to do it.

  • Work with Experts

Unless you have the relevant knowledge, contact an expert to install the fence for you. You will receive appropriate advice on the best material and where to source it from. Such companies work with reputable suppliers to ensure you get the best material. They will also work within your budget without compromising on the quality of what you get.

  • Treating the Wood

It is essential to treat the wood properly to avoid fungal decay. The process includes soaking the timber in preservatives, in a process that uses pressure. It helps with reducing the effects of weathering and fading.

  • Sealing the Wood

Another process your solid board fence in Vienna, VA, undergoes is sealing. The wood gets protection from the damage that arises with moisture. It incorporates the use of paints and stains, and letting the wood dry completely. Ideally, you should apply at least two coats of the sealer. It will also become a regular part of the maintenance process. 

  • Avoiding Damaging Practices

There are things you may be doing, which could impact on how long your solid board fence lasts. Such include:- 

  • Having plants too near the wall. It may add unnecessary weight to the fence. The moisture from the plants will also damage the wood.  
  • Directing your sprinkler towards the fence. It exposes the fence to water, every time you put it on. 
  • Using improper equipment when cleaning your fence, such as steel brushes or scrapers. You may also be using the pressure washing technique too often. Choose the right gear every time you carry out any maintenance on your fence
  • Pets can damage the fence. They may, for example, scratch them, while dogs will urinate on them. Discourage such practices so that the animals understand that the fence is not their territory. 

Let us install Your Fence for You

A solid board fence in Vienna, VA, is an excellent investment. You get to enjoy years of service when you install the right one. Book an appointment with us today so that we can conduct a site visit. Once we inspect the property, we will recommend the best fence for you. We use high-quality materials and have the right level of expertise to give you a durable, functional fence. Our team is always available to answer any question you may have.  

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