Solid Board Fence Maintenance in Alexandria, VA

Solid Board Fence Maintenance in Alexandria, VA

You understand the value of the right solid board fence. It gives protection and aesthetic appeal to your property. It is an investment that you have undertaken, and you want to enjoy it for a long time. You must take the time to maintain your solid board fence in Alexandria, VA. We will show you how below. 

 Why do you need to Take Care of Your Fence?

Weather changes can be detrimental to your solid board fence. You have to contend with the water, mildew, rotting, and discoloration. You also have to ensure that you tackle any pest invasions because they can do irreparable damage to your fence. Even if you use pressure-treated lumber, you will still have to deal with specific issues.  

The more water your fence absorbs, the more the damage that will occur. You will notice warping, splitting, rotting, and even twisting. Mildew will give the fence an unsightly appearance requiring that you clean your fence at least once a year. 

The ultraviolet rays from the sun will lead to discoloration resulting in a green looking color. You lose the beauty of natural wood color, which you can preserve with a UV stabilizer. 

How to Maintain Your Solid Board Fence in Alexandria, VA

Experts recommend specific maintenance processes that you should undertake to maintain a solid board fence. You, for example, need to clean the wood fence at least once a year. Ensure you choose a product that contains a mildewcide to tackle the growth of mildew. 

Use a topical sealant to give the wood surface sufficient protection against moisture. Do not cut corners by using conventional paint because it will not work; you will have to keep painting, yet the process of sanding and scraping is time-consuming and tedious. You will find products in the market that are ideal for the job. Such include outdoor wood sealers that have a color or are clear. Such specialty sealers will allow moisture to leave the wood, thereby preserving it.  Also, look for those that have water repellent and UV stabilizers.  

If you cannot do the job on your own, let the experts handle it for you. You must carry out an inspection on an annual basis. Check out for signs of wood damage and pest infestation. It will help you arrest any problems well in advance, and before the damage becomes irreparable.   

We have the Relevant Tools and Knowledge

Unless you have the know-how to carry out the maintenance of your solid board fence in Alexandria, VA, we recommend that you let the experts do it. We have been in the industry for a long time, and contain the relevant tools and knowledge to do the job well. We handle all aspects of solid board fence installation and maintenance. Call us for an appointment today and let our team conduct the job for you.

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