Taking Care of Your Solid Board Fence in Reston, VA

Taking Care of Your Solid Board Fence in Reston, VA

Solid wood fence in Reston, VA, will add value to your property and give you excellent protection. You must, however, ensure that you take good care of the wood. By its very nature, the elements can have an impact on the wood. It may deteriorate or rot.  Your installation company will, therefore, advise you on certain things, which you need to do to protect your fence. Take note of the following:-


Carry out an inspection once every year. Take care of the following:-

  • Check for loose nails and hammer them back into place
  • Be on the lookout for broken pieces or any signs of rotting
  • Ensure there is no insect damage
  • Keep vines and other plants away from the fence. You avoid moisture build-up and putting any extra weight on the fence
  • Check that the posts are secure and the soil covering them is still in place
  • Avoid placing the sprinkler near the fence, so that water does not get to it.

Washing Your Fence

While it is true that water and wood do not necessarily mix, a good wash is vital at least once a year.  You get to take care of any mildew that may cause the wood to rot. Here is what you should do:-

  • Look for deck or wood cleaners that have a unique formulation 
  • Soak the wood in it, following the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • You will need a pressure washer or a long handle brush to scrub the fence. If you use the former, make sure it is at a psi range of 1500 to 2000 
  • Ensure you tackle the area where the boards enter the ground well
  • Use the same process for old wood and guarantee that you dry it thoroughly.  Make sure you apply a sealant so that you preserve the new skin or layer. 

How to Determine When Your Solid Board Fence in Reston, VA Needs Maintenance

When you install your solid wood fence, the manufacturers will pre-treat the wood. Over time, you will realize that water tends to soak in rather than runoff. This is a sign that the paint, stain, or seal is wearing off. You will notice this in the second to fifth year. Clean the fence, then use a brush or roller to paint, stain, and resealYou need to repeat the process at least twice to give the wood sufficient protection.

Let us install Your Fence for you

A solid wood fence in Reston, VA, is functional and adds aesthetic appeal to your property. You also get to increase its value, thus making it a prime piece of real estate. Engage the services of a professional to install one for you. You can find such level of expertise with us. We have the requisite know-how to carry out an excellent job for you. Call us and book an appointment so that we can do a site visit to determine the best kind of fence for your property. 

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