Tips for Installing a Solid Board Fence in Great Falls, VA

Tips for Installing a Solid Board Fence in Great Falls, VA

A Solid wood fence in Great Falls, VA, will stand out due to its beauty. You also get protection for yourself, family, and property. You can even contain your animals easily because they will not get out of the perimeter of your property. Solid wood fences incorporate the use of boards on a horizontal frame. They are very secure and give you a lot of privacy. 

Consider the following before you start the process of installing a solid wood fence. 

  • Hire the Right Professionals

You may think that the process of installing a solid board fence in Great Falls, VA is a simple job.  The truth is that it is not. There are several things to consider, including whether you have the know-how. You also require the right tools to complete the process efficiently. Most importantly, you need someone who knows where to source for the material. Buying the wrong material can be costly, and you will not enjoy long term usage.

Most professionals will also offer after-service maintenance. The weather will affect the wood, and you want to watch out for pests. The right company will give you maintenance and repair services. You get invaluable advice on how to take care of the fence so that you can enjoy it for longer. 

  • Decide the Type of Fence you Want

Working with professionals will expose you to different types of fences that you can install. The right company will offer you customization options so that you come up with a design that is unique to you. They will take your ideas into consideration and not impose theirs upon you. They should have examples of work they have done in the past, as proof that they can handle the job.

  • Ask Relevant Questions

Ask all the relevant questions regarding the solid board fence you want to install in Great Falls, VA. Asking questions will give you the necessary information such as cost, time frame, options, and maintenance aspects, to name a few. It also allows you to present your vision so that they understand precisely what you’re looking for. In this way, we can work together to come up with the perfect design. 

The company should give you a quote that highlights everything they will need to do. Some companies will, for example, charge for consultations, while others will not. Other costs include permits, property surveys, and material, among others.

Let us start the process of installing your fence

Installing a solid board fence in Great Falls, VA, is an excellent idea. If you have made the decision, we can handle the job professionally, cost-effectively, and efficiently. Call us for an appointment, and let us start the process of installing your fence for you. 

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