Why you Need a Solid Board Fence in Tysons Corner, VA

Why you Need a Solid Board Fence in Tysons Corner, VA

Many homeowners are gravitating towards installing wooden fences on their properties. Deciding on whether or not it will work for you will depend on your needs. Consider how it will look and how well it will protect you on your property. Installing a solid board fence in Tysons Corner, VA has several benefits, which we will explore below. 

What is a Solid Board Fence?

The only difference between a typical wooden fence and the solid board fence is the design. The latter stacks boards to fit snugly next to each other. You have the option of choosing whatever height you like. They are, however, typically at a maximum height of eight feet. You get privacy and protection, which are critical reasons for putting up a fence. You can also vary the design by installing post caps, trellis or other decorative aspects, 

Benefits of a solid wood fence in Tysons Corner, VA

  • Affordability and Quick Installation

Wooden fences vary in cost, and can run into thousands of dollars. However, if you work with the right installation company, you’ll find the price is very affordable. Letting the experts handle the job for you will ensure efficiency and quick installation. Even if an error occurs during the installation process, it will be easier to rectify. Take good care of them once you install so that you can enjoy long-term usage.  Your installation company should be able to advise you appropriately.  

  • Adjustable Height

Some fences will not allow you to adjust the height as per your preference. Take, for example, vinyl fences. You make an order, and buy based on the set parameters. You have to use them as they are, and it is, therefore, critical for you get the measurements right. Wooden board fences are versatile, and you can cut out what you do not need. A contractor with the right skill can use different sizes to come up with a unique design, thus zero wastage. 

  • Visual Appeal

Few products in the market can beat the beauty of wood. Think about your typical picket fence that screams family. Wood also blends in well with the landscape. You can choose different styles and colors, further adding to the curb appeal. 

  • Durability

When you take the appropriate precaution to protect the wood, you will enjoy long-term usage of your solid wood board fence. With proper treatment and sealing, you avoid rotting or attacks by pests. You can easily enjoy up to 20 years without the need to replace them. 

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