Fence Repair Tips for Homes in Northern, VA

Fence repair projects around the home in Northern, VA can be somewhat tricky depending on the skills you possess as a do-it-yourselfer homeowner. Normal cleaning does not require any particular skills, just a little elbow grease. When it comes to fence repair, replacing parts, bracing posts that have started to sag, and straightening a fence that is leaning, it does require some amount of carpentry skills.

Methods of fence repair will also depend on the type of material you used for your fence in Northern, VA. It will be different for wood, aluminum, metal, vinyl, and chain-link fencing materials. If it is something major, you might want to leave it up to the professionals such as the team at Carter Fence unless you feel confident enough to handle the fence repair yourself. Some tips to follow that may be helpful with your fence repairs at your home in Northern, VA may include—

  • Cleaning—This is simple, yet one of the most important maintenance jobs you can do for your fence in Northern, VA. It not only makes it look much nicer, but it also helps to reveal any potential issues that could lead to significant fence repairs if not handled early. Using a pressure washer is the fastest way and helps to get to those hard to reach areas. For dirtier areas, you may need to use a brush with mild detergent.
  • Minor Wood Fence Repair—Fixing any cracks or knotholes when you first notice them will help to avoid the damage from worsening.
  • Replace Damaged Fencing Boards—Rotten or damaged fencing boards should be replaced before the damage becomes worse. These damaged boards could cause an accident and hurt someone at your home in Northern, VA. Someone could lean on it, and it could give away.
  • Post Fence Repair—Sometimes, your wooden posts will start to rot, which, if left alone, could tear down a portion of your fence. Fence repair to any of your posts should be done as soon as possible, so your fence doesn’t collapse.

Anytime you have significant structural damage to your fence, those fence repairs should be left to professionals. A leaning fence is a safety hazard, and a professional will have the right equipment and knowledge to know how to fix it correctly so it will last well into the future.

Call the team at Carter Fence, and they will give you a free, no-obligation estimate on any fence repairs they see that need to be done at your home in Northern, VA.

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