How to Prevent Privacy Fence Repair in Leesburg, VA

While you might have an appealing wooden privacy fence located on your property in Leesburg, VA, which significantly increases the value of your property, if it is not adequately maintained, you will no doubt undergo privacy fence repair more frequently. It does require quite a bit of maintenance each year to keep it functioning for you and your family.

As a homeowner in Leesburg, VA, you always want to maintain the character your privacy fence plays within your boundaries. It sends out a message that you care about how you represent the other residences in your neighborhood. No one wants to be an eyesore within their own community in Leesburg, VA.

Even with regular care of your fence, periodically, unquestionably, there will be the occasional privacy fence repair, but hopefully, some of these ideas can prevent privacy fence repairs that can typically be avoided with a little extra TLC.

Because wood is so vulnerable to the elements, over time, it may deteriorate and even rot away entirely if ignored year after year, but with the different sealants and stains available, you can help stave off early decay if you reapply it every couple of years or so.

Many Leesburg, VA homeowners, once they install their new fence, make the mistake of trusting the sealant that the sawmill put on the lumber when it was cut into fencing materials. The problem there is the coating at the mill is only designed to resist bugs and water. Most people let their fence dry out until the next year after installation and then paint or stain, whatever your own personal preference might be.

During the first year after your fence installation that your fence will be drying out, check it periodically for any cracks or splits . These should be coated with a wood preservative as an extra layer of protection from water. This preventive measure may help to avoid costly privacy fence repairs at your Leesburg, VA home.

The typical privacy fence repairs that most Leesburg, VA homeowners seem to experience are replacing the fence posts, panels, and swinging gates.

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