Fence Repair Service in Virginia

Over time your fence, no matter how well it is built, will need some sort of repair. Thunderstorms and snow storms can often leave tree limbs or, worse, a whole tree on your fence. Whether you are in need of a simple repair or half of your fence replaced, Carter Fence will get the job done! We repair all types of fencing, even if we didn’t install it originally.

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Let Carter Fence help you save big on your next fence repair project in Northern Virginia! In addition to offering free estimates and on-site project consultations, we can help you save money, too.

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Can My Fence Be Repaired?

In most cases, damaged fences can be repaired—but you’ll need the help of a professional. If your fence isn’t professionally repaired, the integrity of the structure could be compromised, meaning it is more likely to break or collapse in the future. Give us a call and let us know what kind of damage has been done to your fence and our experts can help you out.

Wood Fence Repairs

Wood fences are beautiful and durable, but over time the wood can start to rot. One of the difficulties of repairing a wood fence is that it is hard to match the new wood repairs to the color of the original, naturally faded, fencing. If more than a quarter of your fence needs to be replaced, it is probably time to look into installing a replacement—a large-scale repair can sometimes cost as much as replacing the fence.

Aluminum Fence Repair

Many people like the look of wrought iron fences, however they are expensive and will rust over time. Aluminum fences are a great alternative for your Virginia home. They do not rust, and they are very low maintenance. They are also very affordable and safe

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fencing is the best when it comes to durability, but accidents can cause your vinyl fence to break. In most cases you can replace the damaged sections without disturbing the integrity of the fence. Call us today to schedule your vinyl fence repair.

Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain link fences can rust over time, but you can easily remove and replace the rusted sections to restore its original beauty. If you take care of your chain link fence it can last rust-free much longer than any wood fence could.

Split Rail Fence Repair

This type of fence is usually used as a boundary fence not necessarily for privacy. It is very easy to replace and repair split rail fences in Virginia. Split rail fences are one of the most popular residential fence styles.

Repairing a Fence Gate

Over time fence gates can begin to sag. If you are having difficulty opening your fence gate, chances are the foundation of the gate has been compromised. You may need to reinstall fence posts to make the gate even again or make other repairs such as hinge and lock replacement.

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